Director of Sted & Co, Jarred Stedman, has been shooting stills and motion for over a decade. His point of difference - prioritising relationship with good hearted humans before business or creativity. Engaged to an equally quirky Makeup Artist, Chereine Waddell, both share the love for story telling in the makeup / hair / fashion industry through editorial and 'left of centre' photography and film.



Our Belief

At Sted & Co, we believe that the importance of authentic connectivity within brand communication is no longer a 'nice to have' but a pre-requisite for business evolution and success. As small and large organisations seek real and long term relationships to formulate their client base, we must open the window into operational and emotional practices and allow the customer to experience products and services prior to purchase. 

Our Approach

Our methodology is heart led because our audience is human. We look to locate the soul in your product and the personality behind your project whilst bringing it to life via moving image.

Our Role

In order to formulate a seamless transition within the client journey, we understand that the creation of a 'brand story' must be consistent within the overall marketing mix and mirror the values of the product or service whilst creatively amplifying online visibility. With a tertiary education in Social Science, vocational experience in  Brand and Marketing Management  

Our Clients

We work with large brands and small businesses, agencies and individuals who see value in brand content creation as a way of facilitating stronger client connectivity and increasing brand awesomeness. Our latest collaborations include: Marie Claire Magazine, Louis Vuitton, Witchery, Laud Magazine, Mizutani Scissors, GHD, Wella, Eleven Australia and the list goes on. 

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